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What is Centrifugal Casting?

What are the benefits of centrifugal castings?
  • Less Expensive - Centrifugal tubular castings create less waste when machining rings, sleeve or cylinders as compared to forged round bar or cast solids. Less waste saves you money.
  • Higher Quality - Centrifugal tubular castings are of higher purity than other casting processes due to the centrifugal force displacing the impurities with pure metal during the manufacturing process.

The molten mixture is poured into a rotating mold of the intended outside diameter. The volume poured is determined by the intended thickness and length of the final casting.

Immediately after the pour has been made, the casting begins to cool and solidify from the outside to the inside. A thin layer of impurities become trapped in the outermost layer.

As the cooling proceeds, the centrifugal force moves the denser pure metal to the outer areas of the casting. Additional oxides and impurities are forced inward toward the bore by the denser metal.

The centrifugal has now completely solidified. Oxides and impurities are now concentrated in a small area near the bore with a small concentration on the outermost later.

The casting is removed from the mold, cut to length and sold in the "As Cast" condition.

The customer typically bores out the center to remove the impurities and turns the outside diameter on a lathe to reveal a perfect cylinder of stainless steel. Texcellent Industries can provide boring and turning services if needed.